Our Success Story

Director’s Key Message – Mr. Allan Kinsey

The growth and the great success of the Company until today was the foundation on which the company flourished and our independence enables us to take decisions promptly and autonomously.

The management at LAP Engineering always aim to maintain consistency, trustworthiness and strive for close cooperation with our customers, based on loyalty and high quality and timely performance.

The unmatched experience and project execution across the oceans and the reliability across the borders had brought us through from 2004 until today:-


2004 -2006 The management’s main task was to launch the name LAP Engineering and penetrate into the market through the individual’s network. At the end of 2006, LAP successfully achieved the vision and the targeted turnover.
2007 Through the unmatched experience, the timely and quality performance of projects that had been undertaken from 2004 to 2006. LAP Engineering was known in the newspaper printing industry and the semi-conductor industry.

LAP Engineering had been awarded many projects in newspaper printing plants and the relocation of machinery plants. It’s services have reached worldwide to countries across the borders and across the oceans.
2008 The global economy down-turn which seriously affected Asia, especially in the newspaper and semi-conductor industries, also caused an impact to LAP Engineering’s operation. However, the management did not give up instead the management set a new vision, decided to step in to another “Brave New World” to penetrate the Entertainment and Theme Park Industry.
2009 The vision of LAP Engineering had been achieved. LAP Engineering was awarded the mechanical and electrical installation of rides and show elements as well as the lifting and installation of the largest dual roller coaster in Asia, the Duelling Coaster at Universal Studios Sentosa, Singapore.

LAP Engineering set-up its first subsidiary company, LAP Engineering (Singapore) Pte Ltd in January 2009.
2010 - Today Through our reliability, flexibility and the high degree of freedom in all our decisions and actions. LAP Engineering has an impressive list of an international customers including global brands. The strong track record of working successfully with global companies had brought LAP Engineering to another level, to have many repeated clientele and to provide our services and specialities in various industries with unmatched experience of our highly motivated employees.

Summary Note:

LAP Engineering has been and will continue to be at the forefront of technical innovation using quality and recognised tools and equipment. We are also known for meticulous project planning, project execution and timely handovers of projects regardless big or small.

Through our energetic sales staff, the professionalism of our project managers and the expertise of our technical staff; LAP Engineering has implemented a very rigorous plan for growth and the growth for upcoming years. We have the right people in place and will continue with our aggressive approach for growth going forward.



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